Important information:

 We are currently undergoing some production and logistic changes in our Copenhagen, Barcelona and Amsterdam stores, regarding our web shop services.

It is probebly implementet latest in June 2024.

We suggest that you wait to place an order, or you have to expect that you will receive you order in June 2024.

All ordres will be made but it can take a while. If you don't want to wait, we send you your mony back.

How? Send a mail to include your order number (EU......), your iban number and swift code.  

Thank you for your understanding!


  • 370CPH Rainbow vinyl Thumbnail
  • 002CPH Daisy Pink Thumbnail
  • 002CPH Daisy Pink Thumbnail
  • 169CPH Babyblue Pink Thumbnail
  • 036CPH Abstract Thumbnail
  • 005CPH Daisy Skyblue Thumbnail
  • 005CPH Daisy Skyblue Thumbnail
  • 006CPH Daisy SkyBlue Thumbnail
  • 006CPH Daisy SkyBlue Thumbnail
  • 007CPH Daisy SkyBlue Thumbnail
  • 009CPH Sunflower Thumbnail
  • 018CPH Pink Purple Thumbnail
  • 027CPH RedWhite Bouquet Thumbnail
  • 029CPH GreyPurple Flower Thumbnail
  • 036CPH Abstract Thumbnail
  • 052CPH Kaleidoscope Thumbnail
  • 053CPH Kaleidoscope Thumbnail
  • 060CPH Parrot Thumbnail
  • 072CPH Flamingo Thumbnail
  • 073CPH Gold Leaf Pink Thumbnail
  • 075CPH Pink Blue Bouquet Thumbnail
  • 088CPH Blue Bird Thumbnail
  • 089CPH Skull Frida Kahlo Thumbnail
  • 116CPH My Cat Likes Me Thumbnail
  • 118CPH I'm Not Always A Bitch Thumbnail
  • 119CPH Gaia Thumbnail
  • 119CPH I Run On Caffeine Thumbnail
  • 120CPH Gaia Thumbnail
  • 125CPH Sun Flower Thumbnail
  • 155CPH Jungle Leaf Thumbnail
  • 166CPH Purple Flower Thumbnail
  • 169CPH Babyblue Pink Thumbnail
  • 207CPH Bike Thumbnail
  • 231CPH Ok But First Coffee Thumbnail
  • 232CPH Throw Lamps Thumbnail
  • 233CPH Fuck This Thumbnail
  • 234CPH Billion Dollars Thumbnail
  • 235CPH My Dog Likes Me Thumbnail
  • 236CPH Sorry I'm Late Thumbnail
  • 237CPH Make Friends Thumbnail
  • 238CPH Your Secret Thumbnail
  • 239CPH My Alone Time Thumbnail



Ivan Alexis is a Danish Design brand with a flagship store on Strøget (The Pedestrian Street) in down town Copenhagen and Barcelona.
The Ivan Alexis Store specializes in top of the line quality tote bags in colorful designs and Varsity Print sweats and t-shirts, e.g. our popular København designs.
The tote bags, sweatshirts and t-shirts are designed and printed in Denmark and the organic prints are gots certified and both durable and completely free of toxic substances.
Our webshop services our European clientele and ships tote bags and sweat/t-shirts directly to your home.

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